Inspired by the 19th century's legacy, I've drawn this font for my diploma project. This italian typeface uses Monotype's old witdth principle, used for the matrix. It means that this font is not monospaced, but it has a limited range of width, from 100 untits to 100 units. It gives a mechanical and straight aspect to this typeface, which is softened by its rounded corners.

Jun — 2018
4 weights


Designed for the website and foundry of the DSAA Typo’s class. Savon is a modern revival based on the mythic Garamond. It just wants to be discrete and simple, to enhance the other typefaces that will be proposed on the foundry. Its ascenders and descenders are short to save some vertical spacing.

Jan — 2018
1 weight


This typefaces is inspired by carved gravestones from Glasgow's necropole. First drawn in an extended bold style, I then wanted to explore the complete opposite form, which is a condensed light. Those two extremes gave birth to a regular version. This font comes with some Celtic alternates wich can give the text another vibe.

Dec — 2017
3 weights


Jersey is a modern Fat Face, adapted from my laser cut font project. It is redesign to be used as a dynamic print font.

June — 2017
1 weight


Bathilde is a sans serif Gothic inspired font. Designed in four weights — light, regular, bold & black — this typeface is an exercise in style. Here, the weight is not coming homogeneously all around the letter as it is generally the case, but only in its counterpunch, so that its width does not increase.

Mar — 2017
4 weights


Chancy is a sharp typeface inspired by Chancery calligraphy.

Nov — 2016
1 weight